Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playing outside

For a post on playing outside, which includes a lengthy quote by my son, Jonathan, on his childhood play in the woods, visit the ChildLight USA blog.

Quiet over here

I apologize for my long silence here, but it is summer after all! We are enjoying our summer with lots of time in and around various water spots - the lake, the ocean, a mountain stream, and of course, the pool.

This morning as I laid in bed thinking about the day ahead, I heard a strong breeze and then a short, hard shower of rain. The air was cooler and I detected the slightest hint of fall. I felt sad all of a sudden. Summer will be coming to an end soon. The long days of warmth and being outside, of wearing shorts, or skirts and sleeveless tops will be over for this year. I'm not ready. I want to eke out every last bit of summer sweetness, to delight in the smell of sun warmed tomatoes, to dive in a cool pool on a hot day, to sit on the pool deck at night and look at the stars. I want to keep going to the Farmer's Market, picking fresh basil, reading on the porch swing. I am not ready to hear the honking of geese, flying in a V overhead.

And I'm not ready to start our structured schooling yet. Like most homeschool moms at this time of year, I have more preparation to do, a couple more books to order, a classroom to clean up and organize. But not this week.

This week is for boys. For a day at the lake. For finishing a wall. For swimming and reading and being outside. Yes, I do have some tasks to take care of at my desk, a meeting with some co-op parents, soccer practice. But I plan to stay in summer mode a little longer. Fall and structure and routines and schedule will come soon enough.